Reviews & Testimonials

"Thank you for who you are and for the brilliant surgeon you are. ” "First and foremost, thank you for making me feel so much better." “Thanks for your good care and concern… Your 'manner' put me at ease and helped me gain confidence. Because of you, I am doing very well. Tysm to Dr. Rohit Kumar"

Rumaan Romzy

"Dr. Rohit is a good surgeon and very professional with his skills. very friendly and compassionate about his work. Thanks allot Dr.Rohit and you are awesome."

Reman Abdu

"I will recommend Dr. Rohit for all of my friends and family members here. Had a great experience with him. Really good doctor all time."

Asanka Sanjeewa

"Dr Rohit operated on my daughter. He was very professional. I would recommend him to anyone."

Keith Robertson

"Dr. Rohit is one of the best surgeon in Dubai, he did yesterday my gall bladder operation, today is discharged, no complications Alhamdulillah. I can only advise for anyone who decided to do good surgery and to meet kindly doctor Dr. Rohit."

Dr Salman Adi

"A very talented surgeon with a high level of experience. He is not good only as a doctor but as a human as well. I would recommend this doctor and young surgeon to who ever has doubt about operation and surgery."

Yaseer George

"I got the best possible treatment for my haemorrhoid problem and I owe it to Dr. Rohit Kumar and his team. Very caring and concerned! A special mention about Dr. Rohit Kumar - I still remember the day when I was admitted to the hospital for the surgery. It was one of the toughest times in my life. The personal attention and kindness shown by him and his staff helped me overcome my fears about surgery. I have never felt as comfortable going to a hospital in my life before. The counselling I received from Dr. Rohit before undergoing the surgery was crucial in my speedy recovery. He is one of the best doctors I've ever met."

Sherin Aneesh

"Dr. Rohit is really a very good doctor, as recently I meet him for my surgery in gallbladder stone issue, he explains with so much easy way that all my fear of surgery gone. I really like his way of working, my recommendation for people in Dubai if you have issues for any surgery please contact him you will be happy and stratified after meet him. Thank you Dr. Rohit."

Faiqua Burney

"Dear Dr Kumar, thank you for your assistance in my time of need. I am sorry for disturbing your Eid but thanks to your kindness you helped me recover at an astonishing rate. Without your help I don't think I would be able to enjoy a high quality of life that you have granted me. I am most greatful to you. Thank you for your kindness and open door policy which made me feel as if I was dealing with a friend or colleague instead of a doctor which made me feel very secure and safe. I cannot thank you enough for all the help and support you and your team have showed me so once again thank you."

Rhanveer Maharaj

"Having done a medical observership under Dr. Rohit, it's my pleasure to say that his operating skills inspire me to become a surgeon like him. Very dedicated, passionate and caring along with having lots of experience that's useful for giving patients the best appropriate advice."

Bharti Kewlani

"Hi I am Marvin Felipe from Philippines. I just finished gallbladder removal by Dr. Rohit Kumar, and I can say for the first timer like me he is a good surgeon and i can recommend him to my other friends / coworker."

Nivram Zoruiq Epilef

"Dr. Rohit Kumar is one of the most brilliant surgeons I have met in my life ... been so lucky to meet him and get his advice in regards to my extra weight, can't describe how patient he had always been with me before and after surgery. Excellent knowledge, constant follow up with his patients, we can reach him easily at any time for our concerns. Zillion of thanks and appreciation to such a dedicated smart Doctor."

Rita Sami

"Dr. Rohit Kumar is one of the best surgeons i have ever met. I got done a keyhole surgery for Hernia and i am very happy with the procedure, it is almost 2 years and it is fine.
I believe any Doctor should be generous and soft spoken to patients and that is what Rohit Kumar is and this cures half the problem.
He is also one of the best bariatric Surgeon as 3 people known to me got it done and they are dancing with happiness."

Sunil Raniwala

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