About Dr. Rohit Kumar

Dr Rohit Kumar - One Of The Best Surgeons In Dubai

Dr. Rohit Kumar, MD, MS, FACS, FMABS, FIASGO, FHBPS, FIAGES, FMAS is a renowned bariatric specialist with over thirteen years of experience in performing general weight-loss and laparoscopic surgery in Dubai. His specialization lies in complex colorectal, pancreatic, biliary, gastric sleeve surgeries, in addition to, hands on expertise, in the field of endoscopic thyroidectomy and gastrointestinal onco-surgery. He has performed over 6000 successful surgeries along with his team.

Dr. Kumar is currently working with Medeor Hospital, Dubai as the Medical Director and Head of Surgery Department.

Learning and Experience

With initial surgical training at Army Hospital Research & Referral, Delhi India, Dr. Rohit Kumar simultaneously did fellowships in laparoscopy and bariatric surgery from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi, India and continued to perfect his skills in the field of advanced laparoscopy by undergoing training at the Athens Medical Centre, Greece. He followed it up with a fellowship in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery in Japan and also, attained a fellowship in endoscopic thyroid surgery in France and Thailand, respectively. He also received the fellowship of American College of Surgeons.


Dr. Kumar crafted a personalized approach and program combined with state of the art technology, for patients, that includes orientation sessions, nutritional counseling, and support groups - many of which he moderates personally in English, Russian and Hindi.


Dr. Kumar believes in a simple philosophy that, no matter at what point of your life or career you are, you should always strive to learn and achieve more.

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